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1. An Automatic Composting System with Distributed Moisturization by Grace Dai

During this pandemic, I’ve noticed a problem: quarantine has led to the accumulation of household trash as a result of overwhelmed trash services. Therefore, using plastic water bottles, cardboard, and other recyclable materials, I have created an easy-access, automatic composting system that streamlines the process of composting. A cardboard pipeline was positioned to distribute water and small organic items directly from our kitchen window into a composting bin. Plastic bottle pieces were attached to the pipeline to disperse water for moisturization throughout the entire bin. This solution eases the pandemic trash problem by making composting easier and reducing organic waste. (Click entry image to view more.)

2. Armadillo Emperor byJenny D.

This portrait is of an armadillo named Chumley, I met in Florida. The robes are made out of 100% magazine clippings and Elmer's glue and the rest is blue and black ball point pen. Paper magazines are read a couple of times then thrown away which is a waste so I wanted to use them in a long term art piece. For this piece, I probably looked through atleast 150 different magazines for these shades of red. (Click entry image to view more.)

3. My Cat House by Anabeth R.

As my material of choice I chose recycled newspaper. I then thought about a design that would be strong enough and also suitable for cats. I then rolled newspaper diagonally and taped it together. I was looking online for a cat play house and all of them were expensive and used a lot of plastic. I then decided to find an alternative option by using the newspaper left over from the days before. By doing this, I reused the newspaper and created something that didn’t cost much and is eco friendly! (Click entry image to view more.)

4. Floral Tiara from Felted 100% Sheepswool by Laura C.

Prior to stay-at-home, I encountered delightful children in princess attire everywhere. As an alternative to imported plastic and foam accessories, gather leftover wool from knitters and crocheters (or from damaged 100% wool knitwear that’s about to be discarded), and create a beautiful crown. Lots of free instructions online for flowers (simply felted in a washing machine), for those who knit/crochet and those who don’t. Use colors you have on hand, or get creative with natural dyes (beets, berries, etc). A wonderful project for princesses stuck at home. One big flower or an entire garden! Velcro adjustable closure. (Click entry image to view more.)

5. LiteEmUp Bottles by Marlene B.

My company LiteEmUp Bottles takes recycled bottles and upcycles them into home decor with LED lights. Bottle Art! This entry is 3 hand-cut and smoothed recycled wine bottles, decorated with twine at the bottom and set on a piece of reclaimed deck board. Bottles light up with LED votive candles. Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!! (Click entry image to view more.)

6. Nature's Fallen by Sarah Shapard

You pointed out that America needs to be intentional in reducing, reusing and recycling waste to help protect our environment. Consider collecting fallen petals for composting. The image of a dragonfly was created using petals that had been knocked down by some fierce winds from a recent storm. I have more than one image. After each image is completed, the petals are composted in my container garden. When they break down in the soil, they can provide nutrients to the next generation of flowers and trees. (Click entry image to view more.)

7. A Desperate Defense by Nick C.

Like the old saying goes: Leave things better than you found them. Maybe we should start taking that approach with the planet. Digging through my recycling I found a few corks and some wire. Using some scissors, tape, and a creative brain I was able to turn it into model of the fight against the corona virus. My gratitude goes to the healthcare workers and scientists promoting the truth and trying to protect us in the desperate defense against the corona virus. Materials: Cork, Wire, Tape, Paper. Completely recyclable and green. (Click entry image to view more.)

8. Hummingbird Feeder by Alden May

This project is a hummingbird feeder made of a spice container, a coat hanger, and some bottle caps. Other than the glue used to attach the bottle cap flowers, the project is 100% recycled. I put a hole in the top of the spice container, so the hummingbirds can access the nectar. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, so the spice container was perfect for the job. Finally, I chose this project because my family and I have always enjoyed seeing hummingbirds, and appreciate their importance to the world as pollinators. (Click entry image to view more.)

9. Plastic lily flower

The increased amount of trash produced by each family during quarantine is undeniable. It is especially important during this time that people are cognizant of the imperative benefits recycling has on the environment. I sought to find ways to upcycle unwanted objects and give them a second life. This was the reason why I decided to transform an ordinary plastic cup to a beautiful lily flower. My "green" features included a plastic cup (obviously), a plastic bottle cap, one straw and some colored paper strands. Please watch the video to see how it was made! (Click entry image to view more.)

10. Upcycled Wind Chime

I had a collection of plastic caps just sitting around the house and decided to upcycle it. The green features include plastic caps, plastic lids and magazines. I first poked holes through the caps and threaded them through the strings. Next, instead of painting the string a different color, I cut up magazine into small strips and wrapped it around. This wind chime is not only an extra addition to my backyard, but it is also a constant reminder of the importance of recycling. (Click entry image to view more.)

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