Click each entry image to view more. Enjoy!

11. Message Boats by Everett

My name is Everett and I am almost 5 years old.I gathered large magnolia leaves and interesting bits of nature like twigs, moss, pine cones and flowers. I wrote JOY and HOPE and drew smiley faces on the leaves and then punched holes around the edge. Next I threaded twigs, bamboo and tall weeds through the holes and across the leaf to secure the decorative bits of nature I tucked in place. I think they will float on the water and when people find them, they will be "filled with joy when they see the happy faces and messages”. (Click entry image to view the video. Click HERE to view additional pictures.)

12. Reduce Reuse Wreathcycle by B Tan

I love creating flowers, and using recycled materials is the best way to do it because the materials are free, colorful and have different textures. This wreath is made from cardboard, an egg carton, and a furniture catalog. (Click entry image to view more.)

13. Tranquility Temple by Olivia and Owen Kornstein

The tranquility temple represents the idea that even in these scary and uncertain times, safety and tranquility can be found in nature. The outline of the temple represents the barrier that one creates with the outside world. The center of the temple is filled with stones, green leaves, and beautiful flowers, representing how nature can be an escape and a place of happiness. All of the structural elements of the temple were found in nature, which is symbolic of the many amazing things that nature has to offer. Anyone can build a tranquility temple to feel calm. (Click entry image to view more.)

14. Garden Child by Aida Guo

A child born in chaos has emerged in my small collection of plants. And although she is living in such a time where the news tells us dystopian stories, she is able to find hope among her friends, the plants, and the blossomed flowers that lay beneath her feet. I created the newspaper (chaos) by cutting, folding, and taping different pieces of old newspaper together, some of which told the beginnings of COVID-19. The flowers on the bottom were made with old school work, now that AP exams are over... And the bouquet of flowers was made with the scraps from the remaining scraps. (Click entry image to view more.)

15. Bird Wings by Eliza G.

These bird wings are made from cardboard boxes, hot glue, a recycled t-shirt, and hundreds of paper feathers hand cut from magazines. It is a reminder that the mundane can be transformed into beauty. They were inspired by a family of hawks that live in my yard that recently lost three of its chicks in a rainstorm, so the wings now carry some weight in their symbolism. (Click entry image to view more.)

16. Green Light

The Green Light is made a solar light, a yogurt bottle, some soil, and some plants. In the day time, put it under Sun to get the power for the solar panel and the light for the plants. At night, put it on your table. It will bring light and green for you. (Click entry image to view more.)

17. Relight

I had a bad LED bulb. There were some small parts inside, including resistors, LEDs, capacities, and so on. Although it was broken, my Dad told me, that did not mean all these parts were bad. So I decided to modify it. Dad helped me to install a switch, a battery, and I colored it. Now I have a small night light. We call it Relight. (Click entry image to view more.)

18. Alien Robot

My name is Alien Robot, and I am a warrior. I have two communication antennas on my right shoulder. One is for Gravitational-wave communication, another one is for Electromagnetic wave communication. My body is an antimatter energy generating device. My left eye is a radar imager and my right eye is a gravitational wave imager. My left hand is a laser gun, and my right hand is an electromagnetic pulse gun. My two feet are light speed thrusters. I am powerful, but I only fight for justice. (Click entry image to view more.)

19. Lotus

I carved this lotus with a buffalo horn and it took me four hours. I enjoy the carving process, except for the strange smell caused by heating the horn. (Click entry image to view more.)

20. Eco-friendly (miniature) succulent garden

With the growing popularity of succulent plants for aesthetic purposes, there is also a substantial growth in the amount of money spent on succulent pots. You can utilize recyclable materials to make your own pots. As you can see in my green project, plastic cherry containers and canned cat food containers make wonderful pots for succulents. Not to mention, they are easily customizable for your own liking! Next time you're about to purchase a succulent pot, please think twice. Save money and the environment by making your own pots! (Click entry image to view more.)

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