STEM with ME!

STEM with ME!

promotes STEM learning and inspires students to be more mindful of the environment through themed program sessions. Each session engages students to:


a STEM subject - Learn about the science, technology, engineering and/or math concerning the topic.


with relevant environmental issues - Learn about the environmental impact and why it's important to us.


through fun activities - Watch a demonstration and/or try a green activity relating to the topic.



Summer Session 2020

(Please contact to schedule virtual sessions.)

Rocket Science

How Is Your Chocolate Bar Made?

What is Albedo Effect?

Computer Engineering and Sustainability

HOMEMADE ROCKET - using baking soda, vinegar and household waste!

1 one-liter water bottle - body

2 pieces of white packaging paper - nose cone and body shell

1 piece of black packaging paper - fins

1 piece of packaging with Flag

1 wine cork - to fit nozzle

1 white styrofoam takeout container - launching base

1 small cup of vinegar

1 tbsp baking soda, loosely wrapped


Black tape, double-sided tape

Black sharpie

Safety goggles

** Responsible Adult Support/Supervision is required. Please ensure proper safety measures.


STEM with ME! is a service-learning project initiated and led by the We Sense Youth Team with the support of committed educators and volunteers. This project aims to foster the love of STEM and the environment through sparking interest in various STEM topics and concerning environmental issues. We welcome volunteers who share a passion for STEM and the environment to join us in designing, preparing and implementing program sessions for STEM with ME!