Click each entry image to view more. Enjoy!

31. Foosball Fun

Looking around our garage for reusable wastes, I found a few broken paper parasols from last year's event. The parasol sticks seemed to be calling: "use me, please. Don't throw me away." Looking at the sticks and wondering what to do with them, I got the idea to entertain my son with a tabletop foosball game set. Hope the sticks are happy with their new life, as they have some old cloth pins and cardboard box to play with. My son is happy with this new game set, too. (Click entry image to view more.)

32. The Happy Pig Family by Wei

This is a pig family carved from bamboo, a famous plant in southern part of China. These showed crave can be used to grow flowers, piggy banks, or as a small decoration. At the moment of the COVID-19 epidemic, the family has become our warm harbor. May we like these happy bamboo pigs, love each other, smile with full of hope. May the happiness and peace fill everyone's hearts. (Click entry image to view more.)

33. iPhone Holder

Too many wasted cardboard, so I decided to use the cardboard to make my own very phone holder. (Click entry image to view more.)

34. What We Need by Jerry and Laura Cai

In “What We Need”, we capture the common elements of our educational experience and juxtapose these with dominant themes in nature. Our education system and society has established conformity by stifling unique growth, reflected by the textbooks and plastic bottles. But individuals can break free of constraints, just like how the grass and gardenia shoots have defied plastic and paper barriers to grow in their own ways. The scene is intentionally incongruous, erasing boundaries between classroom and nature. The plant and natural composition dominate our work, and the fauna and flora strikes a progressive harmony between human desire and the natural environment. (Click entry image to view more.)

35. Alien Friends

Made from two plates, one plastic takeout container, two straws, old violin strings, a few wine corks and cut parts of egg cartons, these aliens in a spaceship are looking forward to making friends. (Click entry image to view more.)

36. Animalsboro-A Village of Animals by RedApple Students

Behind all man can see, past the farthest desert and sea, lies a peaceful and joyful village--Animalsboro. The gorilla, biggest of them all, watches over the village and protects it from any danger. Mr. Turtle, being the oldest of them all, is a library, with an old and wide collection of all sorts of books. Powered by wind turbines, everyone is a lover of the planet and green. There are a wide variety of all sorts of animals, and they are all sitting around a campfire right now, celebrating the village’s 100th anniversary. (Click entry image to view more.)

37. At Home

Staying at home for an unusual length of time needs a creative outlet. So I made a dollhouse. Most materials came from snacks packaging, takeout containers, and some were donated by neighbors. A lunch box cut into half made a perfect sofa. 18 white caps and a plastic fruit container were used for a mini “Marshmallow” like chair. One chandelier was crafted with a Cha House snow ice cover and a plastic bag, and the other with magazine paper cutouts. Toilet paper rolls were just good for making these little people. Enjoy the fun with reusing! (Click entry image to view more.)

38. Project BLOOM by Lucy

The letters B and L are made of paper sheets of magazines, rolled into paper strips and then turned into a coaster. O is a wreath made of paper pages of magazines to decorate our lives. It can hang on the door or on the walls, decorated with rose circles made of advertising magazines. M is made with a decorative painting made of magazines, decorating the walls, painted with cereal's packaging boxes, and used by the children's music. Life is always unpredictable, but when hardships arrive, let's not forget who we are, what we stand for, and what we represent. (Click entry image to view more.)

39. Flyer Flower Picture Frame by Rong Jiang

This flower picture frame is made of 100% store flyer paper. We receive flyers from all types of stores almost every week. They are very beautiful and colorful, but not like magazines or books that we like to keep and read frequently later on. Flyers give the information on products and deals which updates very quickly. They always end up lying in the recycling bin. I enjoy decorating home walls with family pictures but always hesitate to hang them up in frames with glass, because those frames are heavy, fragile, and expensive. This flyer flower picture frame becomes a good alternative. It is light, glass free, and importantly, it makes the flyers more valuable and enjoyable! It also provides the opportunity for your imagination and creativity. I hope it could inspire you with some ideas for flyer papers! (Click entry image to view more.)

40. Brilliant

Twenty flowers handcrafted from plastic egg cartons make this handmade chandelier so brilliant! (Click entry image to view more.)


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