THANK YOU to everyone who supported our service event "E-Cycling – What Can We Learn and Do?” held on June 3, 2018

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E-Cycling is the process of reusing old computers that are no longer used and then refurbished for redistribution. These computers can be donated at charities to support children who don’t have access to computer at home.


Save power: Everyday, recycled computers could save enough electricity on manufacturing to power 105,000 homes for the day.

Reduce toxic waste: Every year 20-50 million tons of electronics are discarded. This electronic waste makes up around 70% of all toxic waste.

Refurbish to extend use: Lots of electronic waste is sent to recycling centers when it can still be used. This causes unnecessary waste which can be refurbished and repurposed.

Prevent more environmental harm: Many computer recyclers will send parts that are hard to cheaply recycle to e-waste dumps in developing countries, where dangerous methods such as burning are used to extract precious metals from the plastic-laden e-waste.

Lessen landfills: E-Cycling also keeps much more trash out of the landfill, preventing the steady stream of electronic waste flooding into dumps.

Provide for Community Needs: Many needy families do not have access to computers, while the world is rapidly adapting toward a technology trend, and access to electronics is becoming more important. With e-Cycling, we provide a valuable community service by supplying these needy families with the computers they need for the future.


Donate: Donate old computers and parts.

Educate: Learn more about e-cycling and spread the word to families, friends, neighbors and so on to help raise community awareness.

Volunteer: Volunteer to help with educational exhibit and workshop.

E-Cycling Resources in Triangle Area:

Kramden Institute (kramden.org)

View Project Basics HERE.

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