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Plant Pot Mat by Yue

Material: Old water hose, steel wireCut 5 long steel wires. Make two small holes at front of the water hose. Start by looping the steel wires through the 2 holes to make a base. Circle the water hose around the start tightly and at about 1/5 of the rotation, wind the wire around the hose to make sure it stays in place. Once you have a desirable base, start coiling up. Can be used as plant pot mat, door mat or garden mat.

My "Green" Red Octopus Tentacle by Emily Gao

This bold, vibrant, red octopus tentacle is completely made of recycled materials. I made the tentacle shape by stuffing crumpled paper and plastic water bottles into plastic bags that were supported by cardboard. For the suckers, I used yogurt cups, water bottle caps, and egg cartons. I used papier-mâché to give my tentacle a smooth surface. I glued on the suckers, painted them white, and painted the body red. My tentacle is very "green" since I'm giving these materials another life by reusing them and converting waste to an enjoyable art piece.

Percival, the Recycled Omnidirectional Pig by Harriet and Annie

During a time of stress and anxiety over Coronavirus, we just wanted to make something silly and funny to lift our spirits! Beginning with an Amazon box, we found various materials around our house to create our project. We examined the bottom of a rolling office chair to figure out how to engineer wheels for our pig. Then, we had extra fun creating a video of our pig in action. (Click the project image to watch the video.)

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